Inter-cultural Transcendence
Gandharva Loka Orchestra
Rabindranath viewed the word as a microcosm of cultural diversity that needed to meet and exchange ideas to enhance human understanding. Shurer Dhara is currently engaged in fostering inter-cultural relationships with other countries through exchange programmes, workshops and seminars. For example, it is now engaged in an exchange program with the international Gandharva Loka Orchestra which is composed of participants from many countries. It has helped students to share their music styles and experience.
International Voices
More recently, in partnership with the British Council, Bangladesh, Shurer Dhara has participated in an international music forum named ‘Interanational Voice’ held in London. The workshop brought together schools from several countries and merged them with several other UK schools. Through this, our students had the opportunity to share the power of Bengali music on an international platform
Music Sharing
Shurer Dhara Organized an exclusive programme with music sharing , Japan led by the famous violinist midori and her string quartet . The programme included performances by shurer dhara’s students and the guest group. It was held on December 28.2012 , at the shurer dhara Auditorium ,Mitali
World Voice
The world Voice programme of British Council is a musical cultural exchange focusing on a mode of expression that children from all backgrounds and cultures are familiar with and enjoy- song. The project involves highly-skilled vocal leader working with teachers and pupils to offer unique and lively range of approaches and techniques to deliver singing, which it is hoped will inspire them to use song throughout the school day . In his first Legacy Visit to Bangladesh, training sessions were conducted by Dr. Thomas lan Young from Scotland. Shurer Dhara is affiliated with the World Voice programme through regular participation in the workshops of both students and teachers

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