Learning years at Shurer Dhara are divided into three sections:
1) a one- year pre-school course
2) a three-year primary juniors course and
3) a five-year comprehensive course for seniors.

A one-year course for children under the age of five, where they have ample exposure to music and other arts to widen their imagination, to develop an attraction towards music and gradually learn how to work as teams.

Junior Section
A three-year primary course for the very young students includes subjects such as music, dance, recitation, drama and art. Teaching a range of subjects related to arts helps to bring out the natural ability in the child and determine the area of his or her expertise. To help the mental advancement of a child, and to bring them closer to nature, young students are taken on outings at regular intervals and to cultural presentations where they present their own skills.
General Section
This is the core programme for senior students. The five-year-long course’s curriculum is based on the very rich classical and traditional music with emphasis on Rabindranath’s music, his life and work, ideals and philosophies. In addition to Rabindra Sangeet, students are also taught songs of the period 18th-20th century, which inspired Rabindranath Tagore. Students are exposed to Rabindranath’s way of viewing the materialistic and spiritual world. In addition to the core learning courses there are also the professional courses for qualified and practising artistes
Special course
For the professionals who were once keen learners of music and had completed at least five years of musical education at a renowned institution, the Special Classes are given personally by Rezwana Choudhury Bannya after office-hours. Hands-on, Review, Practice & Presentation course For fresh graduates of Shurer Dhara for mastering the techniques of performance, communication with the audience and instrumentalists on stage, handling microphones and related work. Course for Expatriate Bengalis Shurer Dhara also plans to begin a residential summer school mainly for people living abroad who spend their vacations learning music and other arts in Bangladesh.
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