Shurer Dhara College of Music
Shurer Dhara committed t address the cultural needs of the society, which , in fact , has been creating a lasting impact for more than two decades now . With our Journey ahead we felt that the persons who even religiously and rigorously complete the wide range of music courses in our curriculum or similar ones conducted by other well-known schools of dhaka or different metropolitan sites fail to earn the recognition they rightly deserve in the concerned professional fields since the degrees /diplomas offered by these institutions are not formally acknowledged.
The newly established shurer dhara college of music seeks to offer very strategically academic answer to this problem .Having appropriate affiliation from the national University of Bangladesh and being equipped with competent teachers and trainers from home and abroad, this college of music has prepared a post-graduate curriculum for persons who plan to strengthen their capacity in this area as well as earn the recognition they are should be entitled to. The curriculum has been very thoughtfully designed with distribution of emphasis on academic leading and practical demonstration.
Guided by very capable members of the Governing Body who represent the intelligentsia of Dhaka with professor Emeritus Dr.Anisuzzanab as the Chairman, the central coordination of academic program will be meticulously taken care of by Professor Rezwana Chowdhury Bannya while prof. Shafi Ahmed is in Charge of the Principal of the College. The academic session has formally started from January, 2015
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