Aims & Objectives

(1) Ensure the students’ expectations are met and exceeded. All programs are focused on creating learning growth and development.
(2) Ensure appropriate governance and management structures to support the effective delivery of the learning and teaching sessions and develop a work force of excellence that exceeds expectations in the achievement of all objectives.
(3) Present artistic events of diverse nature regularly that provoke introspection and discussion of relevant issues.
(4) Hold conferences and symposia in art, culture and social issues at regular intervals to promote the significant role of music & culture in community development.
(5) Track and promote the professional work and accomplishments of the alumni.
(6) Create alliances with community organizations, vocational training institutes and other stakeholders to develop and implement services and programmes that enable pupils to gain marketable skills and enhance quality of life.
(7) Identify and assist underserved population to find solutions to their problems also undertake projects of income generations to deal with major livelihood issues through arts and music.
(8) Research on study and accumulate songs that represent the traditional and ancient musical heritage and to promote and publicize them.
(9) Promote inter-culturity by creating alliance and affiliation with international cultural organizations.

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