About Us
IMG_0006 Shurer Dhara , the school of music in Lalmatia, Dhaka was founded in 1992 by Rezwana Chowdhury Bannya, a distinguished alumna of Viswa-Bharati(the renowned university by Rabindranath Tagore), a Professor of Music at the University of Dhaka and an accomplished exponent of RabindraSangeet . Within a few years, Shurer Dhara was able to establish itself as a premier music school and a cultural center. Shurer Dhara fully participates in the cultural life of the community by giving regular performances of concerts and musical soirees throughout the year. Most noteworthy cultural manifestations are those celebrating the seasons and key national and international events. Its annual open-air program observing ChaitraSnkranti, th Bengali year-end, is a spectacular presentation to a gathering of a few thousand spectators. Shurer Dhara’s students, teachers and alumni are invited to perform in major social and cultural events at home and abroad. Its classes are now held at Lalmatia Housing Society School & College with an office and a small auditorium of its own located a few blocks away.
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